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In Safe Hands - Hiring a Nanny for Your Child

At eNannySource, our first concern is your safety when hiring a nanny. That’s why we include nanny resources, like a suite of top-notch search and screening tools, as part of all paid family memberships. These are the same tools that are used in actual nanny agencies, made available to help empower you in your nanny search.

As a reminder, no nanny candidates are screened by our staff at eNannySource. Instead, you take control of searching for and screening your nanny, ensuring that your hire is a perfect match. Additionally, we provide numerous nanny resources to help you learn more about the process of hiring a nanny and maintaining a healthy relationship with your household employee.

Discover the Pros and Cons of Hiring a Nanny Online

Ten Important Things to Consider for Finding the Right Fit

Get Instructions on How to Use Our Signature Nanny Success Kit

Find Out All You Need to Know to Perform a Background Check

Investigate the Reasons Why You Should Always Use a Contract

Learn More About CPR Training

Learn What eNannySource Does to Protect Your Privacy

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At eNannySource, we are as concerned about the safety of our nannies as we are about childcare health and safety. That’s why we offer a suite of top-notch job search tools as part of your membership. These are the same ones that I used for years as founder and president of a full-service nanny agency, and I’m passing on these tools of the trade to empower you in your search.

As a reminder, no families are screened by eNannySource that are hiring a nanny. Instead, you take control of searching and screening, ensuring that the family you work for is a perfect match. Additionally, we provide numerous nanny resources to help you learn more about the job search process:

Get the Inside Scoop on the Crucial Questions You Should Ask During an Interview

Find Out Why the eNannySource Job Application is so Important

Discover the Importance of CPR Training, and How it Could Land You a Better Job

Learn Why Families Conduct Background Checks

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"We have found and hired our new nanny. Thank you so much for your website. It was a great experience."
- Dave

"Thanks so much. It was a very pleasant experience and of great value to be able to 'recruit' via the Internet!"
- Liz

"Thank you very much! The service worked very well for us, and one of our friends! We are spreading the word about it! Thanks again,"
- Marlo

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